Expert Synthesis Solutions (ESS) is a research and development company specializing in low volume, high value organic synthesis of complex small molecules.

We provide catalogue specialty compounds (rare and unique building blocks, drug analogues, intermediates, metabolites & impurities) and synthetic services to pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical companies, testing labs and research institutions, offering timely and cost efficient solutions to our clients’ research endeavours.

We are experts in Route Design and Optimization, Amines Chemistry, Heterocyclic Compounds, Isothiocyanates, Natural Compounds and Steroids Synthesis, Coupling and Cross-Coupling Reactions, Manual Solid-Phase Synthesis, and many more.

Located in one of Canada’s most successful biotechnology incubators, the Stiller Centre for Technology Commercialization, in close proximity to Western University (London, Ontario) and access to modern research equipment, we have the ability to solve the most challenging synthetic projects.