We offer...

  • Contract research & development in synthetic organic chemistry

  • Custom synthesis of organic and metalorganic compounds

  • Design, feasibility evaluation and optimization of synthetic procedures

  • Synthesis of deuterium labelled compounds

  • Development of alternative synthetic routes

  • Isolation, identification, and synthesis of natural compounds

  • Design and synthesis of new molecules

Our mission is to provide innovative, timely, and cost effective solutions to your synthetic challanges. An important aspect of our services is that at ESS we can often foresee potential pitfalls and solve synthetic problems before or as they arise.

ESS conducts projects of varying difficulty that range from simple one-step syntheses of known compounds to mutli-step syntheses of complex molecules. We offer two modes of operation:

Custom Synthesis Projects

These projects are conducted under the terms of a Purchase Order issued by the client. Custom synthesis involves preparation of amounts of compounds that have already been described in either the public or proprietary literature and for which synthetic procedures are available. In certain cases, closely related unpublished analogs may also be amenable to this approach. Purchase Order projects are invoiced and paid for once the project is completed and the product delivered to the client.

FTE Projects

These projects are conducted under the terms of a proposal that delineates the level of effort required by Ph.D. scientists working full-time on the project at the bench. These FTE (Full Time Equivalent) projects generally involve more complex or longer-term projects. Generally, the compounds being synthesized have not been described in any literature. Synthetic pathways to these compounds may need to be designed before being executed. This FTE approach allows out clients the flexibility to change goals and priorities on an immediate basis. FTE projects are generally invoiced on a monthly basis at a very competitive FTE rate.

We are aware that the services that we provide are generally dovetailed to very tight schedules in place at our client companies. Therefore, our reports and communications are designed to keep clients fully informed of progress, including successes and difficulties encountered. Reports can be provided on a regular basis in written form, through face-to-face communications, through on-line exchanges, or via telecommunications.

Upon completion, the synthetic products are provided together with all appropriate documentation, including Data Sheets and copies of all relevant spectral and analytical data. Formal reports that include detailed synthetic procedures as well as spectral and physical details for intermediates along the synthetic pathway can also be provided.

ESS recognizes the importance of confidentiality and the protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights. All research and development undertaken for our clients is the sole property of the client and is regarded as proprietary and confidential. Any discoveries, improvements, or developments that we make in the course of our work for our clients are solely the property of that client.